As both a reader and a writer, I love stories with heart, stories that capture something authentic about the human experience and what it means to be alive in this mundane and miraculous world. My particular soft spots are YA and MG lit, and I’m especially fond of themes that encourage a kinder, gentler world for all living creatures.

Throughout my life, I’ve studied and explored the magic of stories, whether working in the library at my children’s school, teaching literature to high school students, tutoring struggling readers, striving to capture magic in my own writing, or mentoring Pitch Wars.

In my own writing and when working with others, my mission is to dig deep to find, plant, and grow the heart of a story.

Things I love besides stories and writing include (in no particular order): dogs, songwriting, English breakfast tea, vanilla-scented candles, my family, British period TV series (Grantchester, Sanditon, Poldark), reality TV that centers on creativity (So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway), yummy vegan food, my dogs, kindness to animals, and did I mention my dogs?

I live in Arizona’s beautiful Sonoran Desert with my ever-patient Aussie husband, perhaps a child, and definitely several dogs.

♥ You can contact me at sgrayfoster@gmail.com

My assistants and good luck charms, L.J. and Thumper.
Gone but never forgotten, my good luck charms, L.J. and Thumper
My writing buddies and personal assistants, Bentley and Paisley

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