Below are comments from a few writers I’ve worked with. If you’d like to discuss working with me, please email: sgrayfoster@gmail.com 

I don’t know what I’d do without Susan as my CP. Her editorial eye is amazing, the kind that explains to you well what’s not working, and you’re like, Whoa, I can SEE it now. Whatever was I thinking writing that in a scene? It’s crazy how she can put her finger on exactly what’s not working for her–like, she’ll never say something like “this part is boring me” and nothing else. She’ll say why exactly it isn’t working and will give you options to fix it. She’s the sweetest gal ever, too! She’ll tell you what she loves in your MS, and she’ll root for you. You want her as your mentor! She truly is amazing! – Mónica B.W., Pitch Wars Mentor 2012-17, represented by Stacia Deckler

Susan is a truly wonderful editor. Precise, kind, whip-smart, and knowledgeable, she’s the sort of editor you feel really lucky to have. She knows the craft backwards and forwards—how to tell a great story with all the right elements that go into making a polished novel, from the super small to the super big. Her line edits are amazing; even when you think you’ve been over your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, she catches problems that need to be fixed to make your novel shine. Her sense of a story’s timing and story arc, as well as of a character’s development, are fantastic. She has a kind of deep-seeing when it comes to the art of the story—she asks all the right questions to help you understand what motivates your characters and how to drive your story forward. Not only that, but she has the knack for giving tough feedback that somehow makes you feel good about your writing (a rare gift, indeed!). Susan is a generous editor with a really big heart and I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to have her as an editor. – Karen Halil, Ph.D. in literature; previously, Lecturer in English at Harvard University and Boston University; presently, YA writer 

Susan is a fabulous editor! She has an eye for detail such as grammar mistakes and missing words, but is also able to identify larger issues regarding plot and clarity. She’s exceptionally thorough, giving pointed, detailed advice in an honest and direct tone, while remaining positive and encouraging. Susan’s opinions on my manuscripts have been invaluable, and I’d highly recommend working with her! – Andrea Contos, YA Author of THROWAWAY GIRLS, represented by Sarah Davies

Susan was my mentor, along with Monica Bustamante Wagner, back in 2015. Susan has an amazing editorial eye, pointing out not just what doesn’t work, but explaining why in a kind and supportive way. Any time I had questions, she would respond quickly, even if my questions were more of a panic-fest. My writing is stronger for having known her–and I’m proud to count her among my writer friends now! Any writer should leap at the chance to work with Susan! – Kerbie Addis, Pitch Wars Mentor, represented by Bridget Smith

There were many times when I felt like giving up on my manuscript but I didn’t because of my book coach, Susan Gray Foster.  With her gentle manner, she pushed me forward and I’m so happy to say that I finished a full draft with her unwavering help.  She was a perfect combination of strong support, practical prodding and the writing equivalent of tough love (which means: weekly deadlines!) I felt like she always gave me excellent feedback, on everything from characters to plot and structure, and challenged me to dig deeper. Mostly, I felt she cared about my story and what I was trying to say. – Jessica Benjamin

Susan is extremely good at coaching. She’s able to target where problems are and does so in a way that doesn’t crush my spirit. She’s willing to interact in the way that works best for me, and responds to questions in a timely, proactive way.Luan Pitsch

Working with Susan has helped me deepen my story. It has helped me ask myself what do I want to say and am I saying it. . . . This program is a deep dive and requires hard work and lots of self-reflection, which I am finding are what I wanted AND needed. – Maya Ponce

I just recently finished my 6 month Manuscript Accelerator program with book coach, Susan Gray Foster. It was a wonderful experience and I wanted to share some insight with the Author Accelerator team about it. First, I found it an opportunity for tremendous growth. I was amazed to see how my writing style and my inner voice became more prevalent as the weeks and months passed. Susan really pushed me to get inside my own head at the exact moments I was trying to capture. It was a great learning curve. I found the writing of my memoir to be cathartic. It has uncovered emotions and memories that I thought I had dealt with, when in fact, I still had much to think about, much to feel, and tons of healing to do. I found myself forgiving people for past grievances and found more peace with issues that I had no control over. The Blue Print exercises that I had done previous to writing my first draft, helped to get me started but, have changed and evolved as my chapters piled up. As per Susan’s suggestion, I am going to revisit those exercises as I think that my book has taken on a shape of its own and now I have to go back and rediscover that, if that makes sense? . . . In closing, I would like to thank you for a wonderful program. I truly enjoyed and valued Susan’s input and advice on my writing. I would be pleased to work with her again in the future. – Leslie Cartwright