About Book Coaching

Writing is a creative struggle to discover the truth of what you want to say and get it on the page. It’s the work of taking the seed of an idea and growing it into the book you’ve envisioned. When writing works well, it creates magic, spinning words into new realities that can capture hearts and minds.

Every writer’s process and journey is unique; however, for some writers, working with a book coach can prove invaluable.

As writers, we may attend workshops or conferences and receive wonderfully inspiring information and advice, but when it comes to applying it to our own work, somehow we’re not much closer to creating the book we’ve envisioned. Many of us read how-to books, listen to podcasts, and read blogs.

I highly recommend Lisa Cron’s Story Genius to my clients. The basic concepts about story are, well, genius! However, they can be difficult to apply to one’s own writing. In the same way that I can read The Dog Whisperer’s book, understand and believe in the concepts, but still have an untrained dog.

Maybe you’ve taken classes or even earned an MFA, yet you’re still struggling to capture the essence of the story you long to write and get it down on paper. Maybe you’ve written an outline or a chapter, a complete draft or multiple drafts, but it doesn’t feel right. Maybe you’ve had beta readers or a critique group offer helpful suggestions, and yet … the book you long to write is still not on the page.

I don’t have all the answers; I don’t have an instant fix or a magic ticket to an agent or publication. But I do have effective strategies to help you find the heart of the story you want to tell and develop it into the manuscript you’ve envisioned.

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